The sales in the Coral Springs Country Club are rockin’! One of the properties sold for $500,000. It was a five bedroom/ three bath with a pool and in beautiful shape. Next in line as far as price wise was a four bedroom/ three bath pool home that sold for $465,000. This one had a second master bedroom and wood floors. It sat on 30th Street. And there are many more that recently sold for great prices. If you are a homeowner in this community and you are truly giving some thought to selling, please give me a call to set up your appointment today. I can get you the highest amount for your home in the quickest time possible. There are so many buyers waiting for fresh inventory to go on the market.

The activity doesn’t stop there. There are currently 10 properties under contract getting ready to close. The pending prices right now range from $400 to $550. Isn’t this exciting! And not all of these are on the course. A few of these great homes are on the exterior making sold prices very attractive.